Taking Care of Drug Abuse With Drug Detox Treatment

Substance abuse ruins every aspect of your life, be it love or work. Only those, who have their loved ones suffering from it can understand the pain. Our Orange County detox is what you need right now. Be it any kind of addiction (opioids, alcohols, pain pills, benzodiazepines etc.), it is a strict requirement that you cut off your physical dependence on them to start with your treatment.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to deal with it all alone. We are with you. Lighthouse Treatment Centre and its clinical team will help you throughout your treatment to help you overcome your addiction in the best possible way. The detoxification process is crucial for such patient & we provide all kinds of it like in-home, social or medical detox.

So, what Is Drug Detox Treatment? Let’s know more

With your treatment being started, physical dependency is removed after which your brain becomes chemically dependent to adjust to the level of chemicals present over there.

Abstaining leads to withdrawal symptom, where due to the absence of substance, your body undergoes different symptoms like headaches which later on leads to many severe symptoms. The process of controlling this withdrawal symptom efficiently is called detoxification. Detoxification helps the patient to get clear efficiently, without much damage to health & comfort.

Does, every addict needs detoxification?

Well, no. only the ones who have been addicted for a longer period by now need to be detoxified initially. People who have been addicted for very little of time or others who have been able to abstain for long efficiently don’t need to undergo detoxification. Patient without strong physical dependency to the substance can also be suggested ton skip this stage.

What are the types of Detox?

Several different methods are available. Let’s go through them.

  • Social Detoxification: A team of medical professionals accompany the patient while his drug use is cut-off completely and monitor their progress of recovery. Medical support is available as an emergency option.
  • Medical Detox: Here medications are given to the patient to deal with withdrawal symptoms and progress in their addiction recovery.
  • Ultra-Rapid Detox: This treatment requires patient under anaesthesia& medications like naltrexone are given which initiates a withdrawal. Patient experiences withdrawal symptoms at a dangerouspace under medical supervision. This method of detox is still controversial and isn’t available with many rehab centres.

Are there any risks of Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal?

As mentioned earlier, withdrawal symptoms may show up once the person is cut-off from the substance. They may be traumatic or sometimes painful symptoms. Talking of the biggest of risks, it includes trauma, depression & anxiety, heart-related stresses and/or insomnia. These risks depend on the intensity of addiction and also the type of substance they were addicted to.

For these reasons, it is very important to have a professional team who knows what is drug detox treatment & supervises detoxification.

How long Detox Lasts?

It mostly depends on the drug you have been in taking and for what period of time you have been addicted to it. For some mild cases, a few hours would help, while in the case of Marijuana, it may take upto7days!

Comfort during Detox Treatment

Clinical support will help you stay strong mentally and physically well. Feel comfortable to present what going inside your body to your doctors and staffs. Family members should learn what drug detox treatment is and support the patient.  You just need to remember that you are doing this for a good cause, for a better you!